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Alone in the World

Here’s a question I get from time to time: Do you get lonely? The straight answer is: Yes, of course, don’t you? But it’s a Tardis question, right? The inside is bigger than the outside. When people talk about loneliness, they’re expressing a concern around social connection, which is a basic human need. But I… Continue reading Alone in the World

mindfulness, travel

How long do you plan to keep doing this?

How long do you plan to keep doing this? That’s the question I’m having trouble answering these days. When I think about the prospect of my itinerant lifestyle coming to an end, I imagine only sad imperatives. An illness forcing me to remain under a doctor’s care. Some formless situation compelling me to take a… Continue reading How long do you plan to keep doing this?

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How Hard Did Aging Hit?

The challenge is to post your first Facebook profile image with your most recent. I joined Facebook in 2007, but the most recent image of myself I could find at the time was from about 2004. I didn't have a machine that could take a selfie and post it online. Also, my vocabulary didn't yet… Continue reading How Hard Did Aging Hit?