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Alone in the World

Here’s a question I get from time to time: Do you get lonely? The straight answer is: Yes, of course, don’t you? But it’s a Tardis question, right? The inside is bigger than the outside. When people talk about loneliness, they’re expressing a concern around social connection, which is a basic human need. But I… Continue reading Alone in the World

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How long do you plan to keep doing this?

How long do you plan to keep doing this? That’s the question I’m having trouble answering these days. When I think about the prospect of my itinerant lifestyle coming to an end, I imagine only sad imperatives. An illness forcing me to remain under a doctor’s care. Some formless situation compelling me to take a… Continue reading How long do you plan to keep doing this?

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Behind the Instagram #2

I posted this image on Instagram on the evening of June 24, 2018 while in Newtonhill, Scotland. The next morning I accidentally dated my journal September 25, 2018. With a few edits for clarity, here's what I wrote: The North Sea, the great expanse of water horizon. On days when the break between water and… Continue reading Behind the Instagram #2